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Once upon a time, in a land known to one and all as the Internet, there was a website that praised the virtues of a dynamic and wonderful couple. Started by two trailblazing women, women of substance and wit, intelligence and grace, it was home to some of the greatest fanfiction ever written about a vampire and a Slayer who had fallen in love. For many years, the two women collected stories to add to the site, making it one of the biggest and best in the fandom.

Life was much simpler then.

But one day, when the vampire left his lady love to pursue his own life in Los Angeles, the city of broken dreams and lost souls, the two women made a decision that would change their lives forever. The time had come to choose sides and the two women, women of substance and wit, intelligence and grace, sided with the vampire.

After that, the website became a dark and lonely place, a barren, neglected wasteland. Dark times soon followed. Times so dark, that talking about them would only bring pain and hurt to those who hear it.

So, we'll skip to the present.

The year is 2002, and the two women are no longer enamored of the great love that started it all. Today, they can hardly find reason to watch the two lover's who have parted ways and moved on with their lives. It is sad, yes, but such is life. We grow as people and our tastes change. We realize that love, no matter how great, does not solve everything.

But, if you still believe, if you still hold on to those better times, that website is still there, dedicated to a dynamic and wonderful couple we all once loved.

Excerpted from "A TNS Fairytale" by Tamara


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away...

Shit, Tamara did that part already. Never mind.

We did this for a long time. For two women who have deep seated fears of commitment, a VERY long time.


It's time to say goodbye to TNS. She was our baby for a lot of years, but we no longer have the energy to keep up with her. We have drifted away from the shows. We are only tangentially involved in the fandom. And to be honest, we have other things on our minds.

We thank you for the years of maniacal glee running this site brought us. We can only hope that you enjoyed it as well. TNS will stay open as it is. We will not take it down, because the stories are excellent and deserve to be read and reread.

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Thanks for everything, guys. See you in the ether!


With love,

Tamara and Lex