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Flashback to the beginning of 1998...

The Naughty Slayer is the brain child of two bored Buffy/Angel fans shocked by the total lack of adult sites dedicated to the couple. This did not sit right with us. So we set out to create one.

We knew there were plenty of sites dedicated to Buffy and Angel, but we wanted a site that was daring. We wanted a site that focused on the more mature, complex aspects of the relationship between the Slayer and her vampiric lover.

The ideas for this site were bounced around and talked about often, but they never really got off the ground until one Tuesday night in January 1998 when things on Buffy changed. When Joss Whedon introduced us to Angelus and broke Buffy's heart, the fate of this site was sealed. That action gave us many a fic idea, plenty of naughty thoughts, the LEATHER PANTS (sacred items Lex and Tamara worship daily at the Temple of the God O' Lust) and begged us to make this topic of late night conversation a reality.

And that was how TNS was born.

The Naughty Slayer is a site dedicated to adult Buffy and Angel fanfiction. This is our baby and we're damn proud of her. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


Tamara and Lex


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