The Naughty Slayer FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is The Naughty Slayer?

The Naughty Slayer is an archive for adult Buffy the Vampire Slayer /Angel the Series fan fiction featuring Buffy and Angel.


2. What do you mean by ADULT?

By ADULT, we mean stories that are explicit and are not appropriate for children. Many of the works here feature graphically portrayed sex. Fiction here is generally on an NC-17/X level, corresponding to the MPAA guidelines.


3. What if I don't want to read about Buffy and Angel having a sexually explicit relationship?

Then you are absolutely in the wrong place. May we suggest Anya's excellent archive at


4. Do you women have lives? Or are you just net.geeks?

Do not annoy Archivists. Bad Things will happen. Jenny Calender annoyed us. Need we say more? If you feel the need to learn more about us, go to


6. How do I submit my Buffy/Angel fic?

You don't. The archive is closed to submissions.


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