Angel Blood

author: The Lady Sirona at
subject: violence and raw m/f sex [Angel/Buffy] with some mild B&D

This is my first erotic fan fiction, comments are welcome. This is a begining of an ongoing series with characters... maybe..:)

*Damn I hate it when I have to work late!* Janice fumed as she triple checked the Blood for the third time. It was a early am Sunday. A multi-car accident caused the trauma center to be working into the late night... and when the trauma center worked... she worked. "Queen of the Blood vaults" was her nickname. Director of Bloodbank was her job description...

"10 more units for Zack Doe Op 3!" the tech ran up she checked the slip he handed her, and gave him the 10 units, he signed and ran away... She cleaned up, crossmatched the remaining traumas who may need blood in the next 48 hours... and waited to see if Zack Doe would live and need more blood, or die and let her go home. She glanced at the clock... 0445 (4:45am) damn it! It is still to early in the spring... she looked around, did she want to wait until dawn to walk to her car? Or should she chance it?

Grimly she grabbed her purse and belongings, she decided to make a run for the car. Sunnydale is not the type of place you walked the streets after dusk. Too much weirdness. She saw the damage that survived and came into the Trauma center... the "spontaneous anemias" that they are diagnosed with..and she knew that type of bloodloss was not medically caused. Damn Sunnydale and it's damn vampires!

Janice walked up to the security guard at the door. The one that NEVER invited *anyone* into the hospital after dusk. *I wonder just how many people in Sunnydale actually know we live with vampires? How many "know" and just function day to day ignoring it like I do?*

" I can't arrange an escort for you right now Ms. Johnson....I am having a gang uprising in ER and it took all my guys, want to wait until dawn in the cafeteria or until someone free up?" Officer Roberts offered with his usual smile.

"No, I think I will make a run for it... I am really tired and I want to go to bed" He frowned, "That's ok, I have my protection!" She waved her little baton attached to her keyring. Some places the women carried them made of steel. In Sunnydale you buy them from o'man Rogers at the hardware store, tooled into a small stake... out of wood.

Hurrying toward the back parking lot that she was forced to park in when she came in the middle of the day, Janice kept an eye out of her surroundings.. It was too late in the night to count on the "little protector". She smiled, life had been so much better after that Slayer had shown up! She joked with the few officers who had seen her at work... their own little superhero, no one wanted to find out who she was... she may go away or be killed. But the body count in the morgue for victim had been cut to less than a third within 30 days of her arrival last year.

Snap. She heard a noise and looked around holding her "stake" tightly and ready to use. She was suddenly grabbed from behind and pulled between some nearby cars. She screamed as she was painfully wrenched around into the face of a vampire in full game face.

"Ah my pretty, don't disturb my meal!" he said as he bent forward and bit into her right jugular. Her neck exploded into pain and then she felt the warmth flushed through her..*I'm dying and having an orgasm?* was her only thought. Suddenly she heard a low growl and the vampire was being thrown away from her. Another vampire was fighting with the first, and her pulled out a stake and dusted the vampire who was attacking her.

She stood rooted and watched the vampire turn, he was wearing a black jacket and white t shirt and looked better than any dead man had a right to look. *I am being fought over like a damn bone!* she got pissed of and pushed him away " get away from me!"

"Go home. Now" was all he said, and turned away from her. She grabbed the opportunity and rammed the key chain stake into his back aiming for his heart. He turned around with a growl and back handed her into the car.

She slid to the ground...*the damned thing wasn't long enough to reach the heart... now he is going to kill me!* she thought as he reached down, and growling, pulled her up to his eye level "Why? Why after I saved you?" he asked in a deep gutteral voice.

"Saved me for what? Your midnight snack?" She looked into his eyes. They didn't seem like anything she expected to see in a vampires eyes. *I thought Vampires didn't have souls?* she wondered as she saw the pain and emotion in them.

He dropped her. " I guess... I can expect that.... But I do not partake as you think.... Go home....NOW while you have the chance....and... Stay off the streets at night" His voice was getting weaker as he turned and started to walk away and sunk to his knees. The wooden stake was still sticking out of his back.

The guardian! This one must be the Sunnydale Guardian! Her Grand mother told her of him as a child, of this vampire who walked the streets of Sunnydale protecting the innocent and killing the vampires. Servant to the Slayer was what she called him. The vampire with a soul. Grandmother would never answer how she knew so much about the Sunnydale Guardian, except without him, no one in the family would have existed...... The Guardian Angel.

"OH GOD! Are you the Guardian?" She asked as she ran over to him. His face had morphed back to human. She recognized the face. A face that had been sketched into her mind by the sketches her grandmother had made, and posted in her room. The Guardian Angel.

"No...Not" He feel flat on his face in the parking lot. She reached out and turned him, his shirt was covered in blood. . She looked around, and was at a loss. " pull out,...... I can't.... heal.... around wood." She looked at the stake she had rammed into his back, blood seeped around the stake. She pulled the stake out, but only part of it came out... the rest was broken off inside of him.. He screamed . Moaning and sighing he said only "go home" , and put his head down, he appeared unconscious. She looked around... she couldn't leave him here. If the vampires who wanted him dead didn't find him... the rays of the sunrise in less than an hour would!.

Janice got up, her bloody key ring in her hand, ran to her van. jumping in quickly, she drove over to the still form. *The Guardian and I nearly killed him!* She was sick to her stomach. She and her family wouldn't have existed without him...and she may have killed him!

Parking next to him, she walked over and lifted him into the floor of the van. "wha..?" was all he mumbled. He was pale and looked frail. *he needs blood* was all she could think. *He needs alot of it fast.. now how do you get blood into a vampire without being the source of the snack... What will I do with him?* With a big smile she drove toward the Medical center.

She drove up to the loading Dock. Leaving her bleeding protector on the floor of her van with a blanket thrown over him she jumped out of the van onto the loading dock. Janice waived at the guard, and went inside, unlocking the blood bank, she went to the storage refrigerator. Reaching down to the bottom shelf she took out the units of expired blood she was going to dispose of the next day. There was about 30. She quickly threw them in a bag. Walking past her desk, she picked up the phone, and called her friend in distribution.

"Hi Bobby-girl I need some things STAT!" she told the night tech.

"Sure, what" Bobby wondered what her friend was doing in at this hour, and what could she want?

"I need a 16 french sump NG tube and a feeding bag. and 20 liters of normal saline...expired is ok, sterility doesn't matter! Meet me at the loading dock with it immediately. No questions." She hung up and ran for the loading dock.

Bobby met her there with wide eyes, taking in the neck bite that had leaked blood all over her shirt, the bloody key ring. "rough night?" she asked as she dragged a box with the items to Janice...

"Don't ask!" was all she said and ran into the van and drove home.


"Yeah Gods, for a slim man you weigh alot." Janice groaned as she dragged her savior through the basement door and down the stairs. " yeah dead weight...UGGGH" placing him on a bed she kept in the basement room she occasionally lent to visiting med students, she inspected her damage.

His back was a horrible weeping wound. very little blood was leaking, and she felt it was because there was little left in him. He was mercifully not responsive, and she wrapped him in a bicycle chain and locked it. No need to force the issues, if he awoke, he would be ravenous... and she wanted to protect herself. She looked back as she walked up the stairs to get the rest of the items...stepping over the trail of blood leading her back to the van.

She returned and found him unchanged. To all her senses he was dead. No pulse, no respiration. His eyes didn't blink and he was cold to the touch. *God I hope I am not wasting my time... this will be really hard to explain.. 'yes officer... I thought he was a vampire when I stabbed him to death... I let him bleed to death in my basement...*

She removed his shirt, admiring the physique and form.. an interesting tattoo was on the right shoulderblade right near the wound. * I must have hit the aorta* she rolled him over after plugging the wound with gauze, and inserted the NG tube through his sinuses and into his stomach. He didn't gag, or flinch. She taped it to the side of his face as she had seen the nurses do, and then poured a bag of Packed red blood cells into the tube feeding, and put some normal saline to dilute it to whole blood consistency.. She hooked it up to the tube opened it and sat and watched.

Nothing happened. After about a half our the unit was complete...and so she hung another... and another... and another. Her watch told her it was midmorning. Her vampire was dead. No movement, no anything.

"Ok Janice... now what the hell are you going to do?" She sat looking at him. " I am so sorry... I don't know what else to do for you... I guess I better go see if I can find some information" She filled the tube feeding to capacity, set it on a slower drip and slowly walked away leaving her victim/patient laying in her basement.


"Excuse me" Giles heard an adults voice call him from his reverie in a book. "I have an emergency and need some very rapid information"

"Ah,,yes may I , ah help you?" Giles asked as he walked up. The woman was obviously in serious need of help. She was standing in front of him with her hair mussed, her coat hanging open showing a nurses uniform with blood on it, a vampire bite to her neck dripped showed signs of old bleeding. *Walking wounded?*

"I need information on the first aid revival of an injured vampire... I called the municipal library and they told me you were the expert in town of this sort of thing." Janice gushed.

Giles looked at her dumbfounded. How was those women at the municipal library classifying him as an expert, and why the hell would she want to revive a vampire who obviously bit her?

"What the hell?" Buffy asked as she walked in.. *Is this going to self serve now?*

Giles held up his hand. Willow and Xander walking up behind her also fell silent looking at the lady. She was becoming frantic "Please, please help me... he helped me last night, and I think I killed him!"

"information.. complete...speed is essential. What occurred?" Giles asked. Praying for once the trio would keep silent.

"I was attacked by a vampire last night on my way home from the hospital around 5am. I was being bit and probably sucked dry when another vampire fought off and killed the one feeding on me. I panicked and I stabbed him my savior with a small wooden stake I carry, I didn't hit the heart cause he didn't turn to dust....but he bleed profusely and now he isn't responding! He is the Sunnydale Guardian..Oh God I think I killed the Guardian!" Her eyes teared.

"What does he look like?" Buffy asked... fear clutching her throat. "Does he have any special marks?"

"Tall , dark, gorgeous with a bird/phoenix tattoo on the right shoulder blade..."

"Oh Shit, Angel!... Giles we gotta do something!" Buffy screeched at Giles.

"Take us to him. we know him, we need to get blood for him...." Giles mumbled as he reached out to direct Janice toward the door.

"I have about 20 units left..." at the surprised look from Giles she added " I am the director of the Trauma center blood bank"


"Right this way, I put him in the basement.." Janice led them down the stairs...only to find herself looking into the eyes of her grandmother.

"Janice, when I gave you those pictures of Angel, and told your stories of him, I didn't mean for you to find him and bring him home as a pet" The all looked at Angel laying on the bed, an old woman at the bedside pouring blood into the tube feeding bottle.

"Grandma..." Janice started.

"Grandma me nothing! Why didn't you call me? You know the respect our family has had for the Guardian Angel..." Frustrated the old woman hung the bottle and looked at angel with tears in her eyes. "Our family would not exist if not for him...."

"Angel..". Buffy was at his side, turning his face toward him. No sign of movement, no hint of awareness of her presence. Buffy shook him, and then pinched him... still no movement. She looked up to Giles with tears in her eyes..." if he is gone, why isn't he dust? "

"I am assuming he lost too much blood, and the method ...ah...she took has prevented his final demise... his body obviously needs to heal... keep up the blood, and keep him out of the sunlight he should come around... the vampire body can eventually heal anything if given enough time.... but we will need blood, more than this..." Giles pointed to the ice chest with the remaining units of blood. "Xander...take my car and go to the slaughter house... get blood for a...."

"Science experiment for science class?" Xander asked quickly as he caught the keys Giles threw.

"Umm Yeah." Giles replied as he turn to face Angel again. Buffy was next to him, he turned Angel on his side, to find him in a pool of coagulating blood, it was pouring out of the wound as fast as it poured in . Buffy was stroking his face with tears running down her face. With a moment hesitation, Giles stuck his finger in the wound. feeling around he felt the piece of wood staying in him preventing his vampire body from healing itself. Giles grabbed a pair of needle nose pliers and dug around inside of his chest until he got the whole piece out, slowly the bleeding stopped. Angel laid there unmoving between Buffy and Giles.

Alice looked at her granddaughter Janice... "What happened ?" With a hesitancy Janice told her. "your a damned fool Janice. The Guardian has protected Sunnydale for over 50 years. He saved me and your grandfather as kids. To have a member of our family do this to him is..." She couldn't go on. All they could do was hang more blood and watch it drip into him through his NG tube.

Xander arrived a short while later toting two 5 gal containers with blood in them. He sat down and they all watched Angel closely. He never made a move.


Angel was within his mind. He dreamt felt Buffy's presence, but couldn't respond. Damn Giles for poking him in the back. Thirst raged within him, but lethargy forbid him to move. He felt Buffy touching and stroking him... he was afraid to wake in case it was a dream... Finally the thirst would allow nothing else, he would have to give up his dreams of Buffy, get off the hard poking mattress and go to the fridge and get some blood...and tried to move...and couldn't. He thrashed to get up.

Suddenly Angel thrashed in Buffy's arms. With a low growl his face changed to his game face, and his eyes opened wide. She wasn't looking into the eyes of the man she loved, she looked into the eyes of a ravenous vampire, who didn't know who she was or cared. She jumped back as Xander intercepted her hand with a large liter cup full of blood. Angel, the shy vampire who would not drink his blood in front of anyone, was lunging for the glass.

Angel felt the blood running down his throat in a large amount satisfying his needs, he felt arms around him...and the soothing satisfaction of the blood as it filled every crevice. He luxuriated in the feeling of the satisfaction and the closeness, the feeling of the skin and the bones...the warmth of the..BODY?

Horrified Angel opened his eyes to look into Buffy's tear filled eyes. Blood was dripping from her neck and chest, he went to struggle and realized he couldn't move, he was chained. Buffy was holding him close to her, and once again held the large glass with blood to his lips, saying his name over and over again. Need caused him to drink... realizing from the taste it was cows blood and not as he feared Buffy's. The cup seemed endless. Finally sated with blood, held in the arms of the woman he loved he fell asleep.

"I think he will be alright.. the wound is now healing." Giles said to Janice. "Can we, ah.. leave him here until dusk, ....I don't want to risk moving him, the... the daylight" She nodded. "Xander, Willow, start to clean up the..."

"Ick factor?" willow replied looking at the large amounts of coagulated blood about the floor and stairs.

"Um Yes, I believe so... the cars too." Giles looked at the blood containers... " Maybe we can seal up one of these... but keep the other handy... he will need more upon awakening..." Xander and willow started to clean the stairs.

"Uh Giles, what about him?...he is totally grossed out" Buffy held up her hands covered with blood and clots. Janice looked at him... and looked at Buffy. This was obviously his one touched a man like she touched him, without being in a 'close' relationship...

"Shower right over there. We'll cut off the clothes and take him in the shower. Xander and Willow and I can strip the bed and change the sheets, the plastic mattress pad protected the mattress." *thank god for the last bed wetting med student* Janice thought to herself as she started to cut off his shirt.

"Uh, ok" Buffy started to help. They did not remove the chains, because until he was fully conscious... the didn't want to met any "natural urges" an injured healing and therefore ravenous vampire may have.

Buffy watched closely at she cut off his clothes. Inch by inch, piece by piece more of his body became exposed. Buffy realized except for seeing him with his shirt off... she had never seen 'so much' of Angel before. Before she realized it, she was holding a nude, bloodsoaked unresponsive Angel in her arms. Janice smiled at her blushing eyes... which took in all that she could see... and liked what she saw. Janice draped him with a strategically placed towel before Xander and Willlow were treated to the show.

"Lets get him in the shower, and clean you up too." Janice watched as Buffy lifted Angel and carried him into the bath. *My god is she strong!* Buffy stepped into the shower with him and gently lowered him to the floor of the shower, turned on the water and started to wash..."Oh, make sure you get everywhere there" Janice called out into the shower.

Buffy looked at Angel laying so helpless, and so handsome. the blood ran down the drain ad she washed his hair and his back, paying special attention to between his arms and body under the chains, she stroked and cleaned with her hands. She rubbed her hands down his thighs feeling the muscles ripple, and rubbed his hips and buttocks clean.

Blood had clotted in his pubic hair, and she hesitantly start to clean it out. She had never seen or touched a man's "private area" and here she was washing it. It didn't look like what she remembered seeing at as representation of a penis... until she realized he was uncircumcised. * I guess they didn't circumcise 240 years ago* She thought glibly and she tried to get the clots off the foreskin. As she washed and worked at the groin, his penis started to harden and lengthen. He groaned and growled litely but did not awaken.

Buffy started to feel warm and wet between her legs. All she wanted to was to kiss and make love to him... but she had to get her self clean. Angel was clean. He was still out and unconscious, she quickly stripped out of her t shirt and shorts and hurriedly started to wash herself off from the blood and the clots.

Angel was dreaming of Buffy. All of his dreams were of her, but this one had her in the shower cleaning him head to toe nude. He felt himself harden and he felt her stroking his manhood as it became harder...a small smile came to his lips. He opened his eyes, and looked up to an incredible sight. Buffy, nude, showering above him, washing off blood and clots, the blood running down her legs, making him want to lick it off her. He smiled and faded out. Best dream he had yet so far.

Buffy reached down after she was clean, and picked up Angels unresponsive body. His erection remained, and she couldn't help but look at it so close to her. Her mind wandered about what it would be like to feel that firm flesh inside of her. She had always fantasized about kissing and hugging. This was the first time she really focused on right out sex.

Buffy laid Angel on the floor of the bathroom and dried him off partially and wrapped him in a sheet. She threw the bathrobe Janice had given her, and leaving her bloodstained clothes on the bathroom floor, she carried him into the basement room. It was clean with fresh linen on the bed. The pail of blood and several towels were next to the bed. Buffy placed Angel on the bed and snuggled up beside him. She threw the blankets over them both and placed his head on her breast.

"Ahh... Buffy..." Giles stated as he came downstairs... " I don't think..."

"Don't start Giles... I almost lost him." Tears ran down her face as she felt her potential loss keenly and totally. "You all go. I am not leaving until he is back to full function" Giles looked into the eyes of his slayer, and realized he had no choice.

"Very well. Call me...if you... need me" Giles left, every nerve in his body screaming 'Don't leave her with a vampire'... but whether he left her there or not... he already lost her to him along time ago.

Janice looked down at Angel sleeping on Buffy's chest so quietly. Well, how ever a vampire sleeps. She could feel the love pouring off Buffy to Angel, almost electric. "I am going upstairs to bed. Come get me if you need me. There is a phone on the table if you want to call out. " Janice left, thinking Angel better be up to condition when he woke up or what was obviously going to happened would probably kill him...smiling knowingly she closed the cellar door behind her.


Buffy laid there with Angel. She softly stroked his face, his neck, marveling at how soft his skin was. Angel was cold to the touch, as usual, but she didn't care. She ran her hands down his chest, and across his abdomen. Softly she stroked his body. She felt the heat building in the inner part of herself. She rubbed slightly against his body feeling the softness of his skin on her inner thighs.

Angel was dreaming of Buffy. He could smell her scent, and feel her pulse. He felt her hands on him and he laid back in soft folds of the edges of sleep enjoying this dream. He was feeling everything he feared to feel while awake. He abandoned himself to his dream. The fear of the demon killing her while making love had been the most significant cause of their pain.

Buffy held him and stroked him whispering gentle endearments. Angel smiled in his sleep and turned toward her. She held him tightly, her now past potential loss keen within her. He took in her scent, and opened his eyes.

"Buffy?" Angel asked hesitantly. Shocked, he realized his dream did not dissipate when he awoke, but in fact became reality. He was lying nude in a bed, his arms chained, held in Buffy's arms with his head on her bare breast.

"Oh Angel, I thought I lost you!" Buffy cried and held him close. "I thought you were dead!" She rocked back and forth hugging him.

"I am dead" Angel responded self depreciately. "Honey, I need..." How could he explain for her to free him. He needed sustenance! He was ravenous!

"Oh Baby, here, I am ready for you" Buffy reached down and held a large cup to his lips, he smelled the blood. He looked up at her hesitantly. "Go ahead you were drinking like this from me earlier. I gave it to you then, don't get shy on me now!" She smiled, he love glowing in his eyes. He drank.

There was something erotic about lying in bed, being held nude in Buffy's nude arms, while drinking blood. He gave himself over to the pleasure of it. His erection was emense and tight. This was the most erotic experience he had ever had in his entire life. Had he had known how sensuous having Buffy give him his blood this way was, he would have done it ages ago.

After he finished the glass, he licked his lips and looked up at her expectantly. "Now what?" He waited.

"Well, you are a bit tied up, You can't sneak away from me now" Buffy smiled, running her hands over him appreciatively and then kissing him deeply.

Angel's world exploded. Here he was, fully sated on blood, nude, held in the arms of the woman he loved and was completely at her mercy. She also had plans to do something with it. He, on the otherhand, was totally unable to be a risk to her in any way. His fear of the demon killing and draining her was gone, the chain saw to that. He relaxed into her touch and her attentions.

Buffy delighted in his surrender to her touch. He was like a big cat, luxuriating in the sensation of her hands stroking his body. She kissed him and ran her nails lightly down his chest and abdomen, he moaned and twitched. She liked the power she had. He couldn't run away, he had to accept what she wanted to do... the fact he was accepting what she was doing made it toally awsome.

She kissed his neck, and nibbled his ear...and he responded like she never imagined.. moaning and trying to rub against her. Her bathrobe fell open and her entire nude body was in contact with his. He was cold to the touch however, with the bike chain colder. Instead of making her feel off, it was totally erotic because the coldness was totally Angel. It made an interesting contrast to the heat she felt building in her groin, the moistness leaking out and being massaged into his thigh.

Angel was almost frantic. He wanted to hold her, and posses her the way a man possess the woman he loves.. he could smell her scent and the musky smell of her juices as they dried on his leg. He wanted to taste them and feel the softness of the private lips with his own. He wanted to drink from her... and it wasn't blood he wanted to drink.

"Please... Buffy...oh ...please..." Angel moaned as she nipped his throat. His erection was to the point of painful, he couldn't remember the last time he wanted to make love to a woman as badly as he wanted to make love to her now. Buffy smiled and then slowly trailed her kisses to his nipple and started to play with it in her mouth, licking, sucking, nipping and running her teeth over it.. " Oh.... I need..." Angel started and lost track of his thought and speech ability as she started to slowly work her way down his abdomen, slowly toward the point of his frustration.

Buffy loved the effect she was having on him. She had read up on love making techniques, and planned to play with them all. He was almost incapable of speech, he just moaned and responded to her touch. What had sounded icky or odd in the books she read now sounded fun and delightful.

Buffy slid down his body trailing her breast over his chest and abdomen, all he did was moan and mutter in a foreign language.. *Gaelic? He reverted back to his cradle language?* She smiled, this was a real good sign. He was gone :)

Angel bit his lip, afraid he would cry out. He didn't want to call attention to them so this wouldn't stop... he wondered where Buffy was going. He knew she was a virgin... they discussed that before, as well as she knew he wasn' what could she be doing down there? His world exploded as her lips found his penis.

Buffy slowly ran her tongue down his penis. He tasted like his kisses, only stronger. She liked it. She slowly retracted the foreskin and played with the head of his penis, alternating stroking with her lips and then sucking. Angel moaned and thrust his hips forward, she just continued... She tasted his precome juices and she wanted more. she slowly took his cock in her mouth and ran her tongue around the head and slowly inserted to it's fullest capability. He was moaning and mumbling in a foreign language. Her juices were pouring out and she felt incomplete... she had to have him...

Angel felt Buffy move from her position at this penis to his chest, then he realized she was mounting him. Inexperience warred with her natural skill as a gymnast. She straddled his hips and slowly started to insert his penis into her soft lips and moist cunt. He felt the heat of the area as he was slowly inserted. He felt the blockage of her hymen... and realized she was truly a virgin and was gifting him with her maidenhood. With a sudden thrust and a cry Buffy impaled herself deeply on his rock hard cock thrust deep inside of her...she collapsed on him with him deep inside of her. Then slowly after she got used to the feel of him she started to move. Unsure of how to move and what to do, she just experimented, when she found something that felt good, she did it...

Buffy felt his cock slowly poke into her cunt, sliding past the outer lips, he felt so delicious, cold and firm. He came up against a barrier and she realized it was probably her virginity that kept him looked out. She had dreamed of how it felt to have him inside of her, but this was far beyond anything she could have imagined... she took a deep breath and thrust down on his manhood impaling herself on him bursting past the virginal blockage. A sharp pain rewarded her effort and she felt herself tear. She didn't care, she waited a moment and then start to move slowly. Pleasure erupted from deep within her and she rocked and thrust against him with an increasing animalistic fury.

Angel enjoyed seeing Buffy please herself with his body. He relaxed into the bonds... he couldn't hurt Buffy while chained, so he let himself relax into the feeling and the peaking emotions. He relaxed into the first orgasm he had with a woman in a century.

Buffy continued until she came and she felt him joining her in her orgasm..... he called her name in unison with her calling his. She collapsed on him, he felt her sweat pouring off her body and running down his.

"I love you Angel" She whispered into his ear as she straddled his hips, as he softened and shrunk inside of her. He felt they were sealed together at the hips. Never to separate.

"I love you too Buffy.." he whispered back. "Unchain me?"

"I'd love to... but I don't have the key... so you're at my mercy until our host wakes up!" She bent down and bit him on the neck. Hard. And the pleasures started again....


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