Deep Inside

Author: Mistress Angel


Rating: NC-17, is there anything better?

Characters: Buffy and Angel

Distribution: Anywhere as long as my name and email go along for the ride

Spoilers: Third Season "Amends"

Special: Nothing much, Some bloody Vampire Content Chock full of mind candy. Not much of a plot. BAR (Buffy/Angel Romance), Consensual sex, anal and vaginal. Yummy

Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to the brilliant Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and Warner Brothers Television. I'm not trying to make any money, just having fun. No infringement intended. Really, absolutely none. Spoilers for third season and "Amends" But I think I mentioned that already. On with the show. If inspired, please send me feed back. I love it!

Angel leaned against her windowsill. She looked so peaceful, serene, safe, childlike. This was only one of the million reasons he loved to watch her sleep. Only in sleep did she look so small and fragile; helpless and content. Yes, she was small and petite in real life, but her big attitude and the fact that she could kick your ass at any given moment didn't really have you thinking fragile and helpless. But at night, in bed, tucked snugly beside her rag dolls and her trusty Mr. Gordo did she remind Angel of someone other than the fearless Slayer.

Sometimes he just watched. Other times he kissed her or stroked her hand. When she would stir and begin to wake he would leave in a whisper, afraid for her to know that he was there. After all, he was disturbing her personal space. Entering the barrier zone that she had constructed between them to keep them safe. They didn't want a repeat performance of what happened last time. No one did. But he couldn't stay away from her. Never. That was impossible. Ever since their knock down drag out fight on that hilltop three nights ago and after they had went back to the Mansion that night they had promised each other that they would stay away from one another. He scoffed silently. He knew that they were only saying what needed to be said, neither one really believing the fact that they would actually stay away from each other. Well, actually.... Buffy was keeping up her end of the bargain.

She had been Slaying not to far from the Crawford Street Mansion a couple of nights ago--Angel had been watching--strictly in a protective way. When she was done he saw her look in that direction. She stared blankly for a moment but resisted the temptation to go to see him. Instead, she had headed home like a good little Slayer. Angel had been disappointed. Very Disappointed. But he knew it would come to this sooner or later.

And he was not doing what he promised.

Here he was, sitting in her room. About as far from staying away from her as he could get. He sighed, no air escaping his lungs. He gazed over her blue silk pajamas and felt himself become aroused. Very aroused. I have to get out of here, he thought. But yet he didn't move. He wished he could stay all night, but of course that was impossible. He glanced at the digital clock beside her bed. 2:13 am glowed neon red in the darkness.

Figuring he had finally sleep gazed long enough he turned to stealthily disappear into the night like he had done dozens of times before.

Perhaps he had moved slower than before. Or maybe his presence had seeped into her subconscious. Or maybe he had banged into something. He didn't know. He didn't remember. But the tiny, sleepy sound of her voice almost made his heart beat again.


He stood frozen, cloaked in darkness, hidden by shadows. It wasn't a full moon out tonight so the streets below weren't as bright. Thank goodness. Nevertheless, she knew he was there. Hiding. Waiting. Invading. Disobeying. Enticing. He heard the soft slide of silk on cotton as she shifted in bed, obviously sitting up. Her voice rang out again in a louder whisper, not so sleepy this time. "Angel? Is that you?" He turned slowly, with his feline like vision her face was clear to him in the darkness. "Yes," he said simply, already caught in the act. The small surprised gasp tore at him. He knew she was probably upset. Angry he violated his promise to her. She surely must cut me some slack. I can't just walk away like that. She must know. Dozens of excuses ran through his head. He was ready with anyone of them, knowing she was ready to attack. "What are you doing here?" She asked. Her voice surprisingly un-mad. Angel was hesitant. He wondered if the Anger would come later, but he decided to answer her truthfully hoping to win some bonus points. "The night is nothing anymore if I can't see you. The dark is all I have. I wait... all day to see you." It might have sounded pathetic, whiny, desperate. But so was he. And it was the truth. She sat higher in bed. "Come here," she whispered. Like a cat Angel was on the side of her bed. Giddy like a child on Christmas, happy that she wasn't mad, and grateful to spend time with her while she was awake.

"I feel the same way Angel. I couldn't sleep." Angel raised an eyebrow at her. "You looked like you were sleeping to me." Buffy pushed some hair off her face. "Well, I wasn't. I kept dreaming. I keep having the same dream over and over." She looked tired, distraught. Not at all like she did while she was sleeping. For a tiny , selfish moment Angel wanted her to go back to sleep so all could be happy again. "Want to tell me about it?" He took her hand and caressed the back of it with his thumb. Buffy jumped and pulled her hand away gently. She had a funny look on her face. "No..I don't think that would help." Her quick pull back from him remained in his head. He felt helpless. He wanted to shield her from all the bad things, but he was one of the bad things. He was what was worrying her. He should just go away, but he couldn't. "Buffy, I know...I know it's hard. But please don't pull away from me." He didn't want to pressure her, but it was killing him. To see her so burdened by her dreams, it was horrible. Buffy looked away. She stared off into nothing as Angel sat quietly on her bed. He started at her. She was sitting right there and it was as if she were a million miles away. He wanted to cradle her in his arms, chase the nightmares away and rock her off to a blissful sleep. But she wasn't having it. She was becoming distant and quiet; already building walls around them. He silently reached for her hand again. She didn't pull away, so he moved closer. Her silk top pulled across her breasts, the V closure neck showed a hint of cleavage and the fact that she was naked underneath only fueled his fire. She turned to him and opened her mouth to speak. Nothing came out and she closed it again, mimicking a lonely fish in an aquarium or bowl.

At this point Angel was through talking. He just wanted to touch, feel, taste. He held her hand to his lips, flicking his tongue across the back of it before he placed a single kiss there. Buffy's breathing increased and a small smile flittered across her face. Moving even closer he leaned in and claimed her mouth. It was warm, wet, perfect. He tasted her teeth, the back of her mouth, her gums, her tongue. He wanted to enjoy every minute and memorize every texture. He didn't know if he would get another chance after tonight. Buffy gripped the back of his head and deepened the kiss. Their lips meshed and ignited against one another. Hungry and desperate. He reached out and wrapped his arm around her, gripping like she would float away if not held properly.

This was all he needed. To stay here and kiss her. Live in the warmth and safety that was Buffy Summers.

Slowly Buffy pulled back. Her breathing was hard and erratic. Angel was also huffing but no breath blew from his perfect lips. "This was my dream," Buffy confessed. Her voice cushioned with passion, deep and sexy. Angel didn't quite understand. His hand was sliding up and down her thigh, enjoying the warm feel of her under that silky, slick garment. "What do you mean?"

"My dream," she repeated. "This is what I dreamt. Us. Doing this." Angel gave a puzzled frown. "I thought it was a nightmare? You said you couldn't sleep?"

"Buffy cupped his face, holding him still so she could look directly in his eyes. "Didn't you dream it too? I felt you, I felt your pain through my dream. We were here...Making love...and you turned and...You-Y--"

Angel pulled back, Buffy's hands dropped into the air. "What? But you killed the First Evil. We've faced that. Your dreams should be over. I don't see the ghosts anymore. Why are you?" Buffy stared at him. Tears welled up. "I don't know Angel. Maybe it's just my fear of loosing you. I can't understand it. I just--I keep seeing us together and then you turn on me--Again. I can't bear it. I can't stand it, but the urge to make love to you. To taste you and touch you overpowers everything. In my dreams I sacrifice myself, my friends, my family to be with you. And it scares me. Because I know if I'm--we're not careful, it will happen all over again." Angel could hardly speak. He understood completely. Buffy was crying now, but very hushed so her mother wouldn't hear. "I'm so afraid that my desire for you will out weigh common sense, practicality and my past mistakes. I love you so much, and that love will destroy us both." Buffy felt like she was dying inside. "Buffy I understand. Believe me I do. But I...I." He stopped. There was nothing left to say. Everything had been said before. Twice. He knew he shouldn't have, it was dangerous. But he had let his eyes wander to her pajama top again. Her heaving breasts pushed against the silk. From their early kissing she had become aroused and her nipples were erect, hard, causing them to push against the top. Outlining themselves and making him more hungry for her than he already was.

He looked up at her. Staring with that dark, lethal look that always got Buffy so hot and bothered.

"Angel," she started, already being affected by that deep stare. "What do we do in your dream?" he asked, sliding up the bed again. Buffy blinked. What was he doing? Didn't he just hear what I said? "Were we doing this?" He took her hand and pulled one finger up to his mouth and pulled it in. Slowly and rhythmically he sucked it. Gently and softly. In and out. In and out. An erotic torture that went straight between Buffy's legs. Her mouth went dry and her brain shut down. All focus was on Angels sweet lips and her finger that was sliding in and out of his mouth like some piece of candy. Her lips parted, she licked them and became even more hot when she noticed him watch her do it. She was full out panting as he sucked, imaging him sucking other parts on her body. Oh, god. He slid her finger out his mouth. "What else were we doing?" Somehow Buffy was able to speak. "I was sitting on top of you..and y-you were kissing me, and a-a-a--" She said that as best she could. Great going Buffy, really smooth. Her mind chastised her for sounding so lame. But Angel didn't mind. "Like this?" he murmured. Before she could attempt to explain herself again or answer him he had shifted positions and had her straddling him, atop his strong thighs. Her soft squeal was the only sound heard. He ran his hands up and down her thighs as Buffy curled her arms around his neck. Immediately they began to kiss. Softly at first, but more and more frantic. The kiss deepened as the need to be together increased. Angel was finally able to reach the buttons to her pajama top. Unbuttoning them one by one. Once finished he pushed the garment off her shoulders. It fell to the bed, forgotten. Buffy pushed herself against him. The sudden chill air perked her nipples up some more. Goose bumps dotted her flesh as she rubbed her aching nipples on his shirt. Angel nipped at her lips, sucking her bottom lip into his mouth and tasting it fervently. He kissed across her face, licking as he went. He heading down her neck. Sucking at her beating pulse before moving to her shoulder.

"Mmmm, yes, Ohhh," Buffy moaned driving him on. He grabbed her by the waist pushing her up some as he bent his head to taste her breast. Buffy bent backwards, sliding her hands on the bed behind her as she offered her breast to him. He grabbed the soft mounds, squeezing, holding them up so he could suckle her. He kissed the tip of her nipple. Then he flicked his tongue out, dabbing it like a lizard. "Hmmph," Buffy groaned, almost unable to take much more. He continued to tease her, licking around it with the tip of his tongue before immersing the entire thing into his awaiting mouth. He pulled and tugged on it, sucking so hard his cheeks began to deflate in and out. Buffy grabbed his head, wanting him to stop but needing him to continue. "Angel, oh please."

He ignored her pleas and continued to drink from her. Buffy began to pulsate her hips in time to his sucking. Pushing against him, feeling his erection. She smiled. He was hard, she could feel him, she was exciting him just as much as he was exciting her. She put her hands back on the bed, pushing herself into his mouth even deeper. When she felt a sharp little prick she opened her eyes. Was he biting her? She felt it again, a little harder this time. "Ahh, Angel!" she whispered harshly. Both hands went to his hair, attempting to pull him up. He came up, but it was only to switch over to the other neglected nipple. Once he started on the next one she could only close her eyes again. The sensation was overwhelming. He teased her mercifully. Using only the tip at times to just get her started. But soon she felt the pin prick again. Shit! he was biting her. Buffy had never felt him do that before. And now, especially in her dream he was biting her, she was getting scared. But arousal overshadowed fear as he pushed his hand down the front of her bottoms.

God she was wet. Angel noticed that right away. He dipped into her. Warm, hot, slick. He was straining against his pants. He couldn't wait to wrap her warm, hot, slick core around his warm, hot, slick Dick. It only proved to get him hotter. He pushed his finger deep inside. Feeling her muscular walls instinctively tighten. It felt wonderful. He smiled, mystified by the wonders of Buffy and women all over. He felt drugged, dizzy. Definitely not the way a Vampire should feel. He felt her begin to shift against his hand. He looked at her, staring into her eyes as he pushed another finger inside her. She flinched slightly and moved up a little bit. But she exhaled and closed her eyes. She pushed forward forcing his fingers deeper. He gave her what she wanted, pushing in and out as she pushed deeper. "Oh shit," she moaned, feeling his long, smooth fingers inside her. Occasionally they brushed her clit and that had her going out of her mind. He kept it up until he could tell she was about to come. "Don't stop," she begged, biting her lip. But instead he pulled out leaving her empty. Buffy gasped and opened her eyes. He raised his fingers to his lips licking away her juices. Just that image alone was enough for Buffy to throw him on the bed and fuck him senseless. But she didn't. Instead she sat there, mesmerized by his beautiful features and penetrating gaze.

He started to unbutton his shirt. Once that was pushed off of him Buffy started on his pants. From her sitting position all she could do was unbuckle, so that's all she did. She shoved her hand inside and cupped him. He gasped and gave a sexy frown. "Buffy baby," he whispered. Buffy squeezed him, stroked him, teased him like he did her. "Say my name again," she ordered. She gripped him tightly. "Buffy!," He whispered harshly, gripping her hips with the same force. "Oh god, Buffy please." She smiled, "Ooooh, Baby doesn't like the rough stuff?" She cooed to him in a baby tone as she petted his hair. Angel narrowed his eyes at her as he flopped her backwards on the bed. "Ooof," she exclaimed as she fell. Her breast bouncing and jiggling with the force. He whipped her underwear and panties off her body then stood and removed his own pants and underwear. Buffy just stared. His body was flawless. She already knew he was well endowed. But she hadn't seen it in a while...she was still impressed. Angel got on top of her, kissing her furiously again. She complied and didn't try to slow him down one bit. He continued down her body. Kissing her neck, her collarbone. Stopping at her breasts to suck and nibble. He sucked so hard Buffy was raising off the bed. "Angel," called. This time it was too much. She gripped his hair as the first tremor hit. She stiffened, then jerked as she came. "Angel!," she hissed. "Oh my god! Oh yes, yes," she repeated. She bucked and let the climax over take her. She had never came just from him sucking her breasts before. Damn, he was good.

Proud, Angel kept it up. After her orgasm he moved to the other breasts. Eager to see that again. "I love to watch you come," he murmured between suckles. Buffy's eyes were closed, she was still coming down. "I-I bet you do," she panted. He kept going down her body. Licking her stomach and licking her belly button. He put her right thigh over his shoulder and kissed the inside of it. Licking and nipping. He kissed really close to the source, only causing her to whimper and raise herself to him. He grinned knowing she couldn't wait. Raising the other thigh to his shoulder he did the same there to the other thigh. He kissed it, licked it and nipped it. Her smell assaulted his heightened senses, going straight to his head. It was a sexual assault on him, making him more aroused by the minute. It brought his animal side to the surface, sex seemed to always do it. The erotic thoughts of making love, not just to a woman, but to this woman. He looked up at her, she was writhing on the bed. Her mouth parted in a sexy, pouty way. Hair sticking to her forehead, eyes shut tight, body sweaty, voice shaking as she moaned for him. It was too much. He felt his teeth begin to grow. Running his tongue over the points he sunk them nice and easy in the inside of her right thigh. Buffy's eyes shot open and she jerked. Sitting up she grabbed a handful of his hair as she saw what he was doing. He was eagerly and slowly sucking blood from the tiny marks he made on her leg. Buffy stared, mesmerized; both by pain and the sexually stimulating image he made between her legs. She gasped softly as he continued to suck. "Oh yes Angel," she cooed, never in a thousand years did she think she would be encouraging him to suck her blood. What he was unable to drink ran down her creamy white thigh dripping on the sheets. He dipped down licking what he could, drawing his tongue back to the two fang marks and began to suck again. Buffy gripped the sheets, as she felt the beginnings of an orgasm start. Oh, god he' s making me come from sucking my blood, Buffy thought, ashamed and aroused by the thought. Angel used his fingers to feel at her opening. She was wet. Dripping wet. He smiled around her oozing wound. She was into it. Yes, she was getting off on it. He traced around her slick, wet folds making her buck towards him. Buffy tightened, clenching her muscles every time he touched her. Angel stopped, licking his lips and raised his head. He looked up at Buffy. She was still panting, her eyes closed. She missed her chance to see him; see the dangerous picture he made. Fangs bared, blood dripping from his mouth, coating his lips. He wiped his mouth before she saw him. Moving her thighs from his shoulders he pushed them up and apart, baring her totally for him. Buffy bit her lip, hot and scared to be so exposed this way. When she felt his cool lips on the most sensitive part of her flesh she almost jumped of the bed. He parted her with his thumbs, wanting--needing to get inside her. He licked slowly. From bottom to top. Loving the flow of honey juices she created. The milky flow that he made her create. He touched her with his finger then, tracing her up and down. Entering her and teasing her by touching her bundle of nerves then withdrawing, teasing her to no mercy. "I want..," Buffy started through clenched teeth. "Want what?" Angel asked, continuing to touch her increasing his speed and pressure. "You want me to fuck you? Is that what you want?" Buffy swallowed. Just hearing that phrase in that sexy, deep, hypnotic voice of his made a whole other gallon of fluid flow from her. "Oh god yes," she admitted. In a much too vulnerable position to be modest now. "Tell me Buffy. How do you want it. Hard? Slow?" Buffy groaned when he parted her really wide, dipping his tongue inside. He was plunging in and out of her. Fucking her with his tongue. Using the tip to get to get to places and crevices that even she didn't know she had. He wanted to taste every part of her, to know what she liked and what she didn't. Judging her moans and the way she moved to decide where and what he should do next. "W-whatever....Whatever you want lover," Buffy managed to get out. She knew his game. Whatever she said he would do the opposite just to drive her out of her mind, just to teas her. Sometimes he did and sometimes he didn't. She never knew when he would decide to play. If she said slow, he would go fast, if she said fast he would take his sweet time. Sometimes she wanted to use her Slaying ability on him and make him do what she wanted.

Angel grinned. He loved it when she called him lover. It stroked his ego and made him hard every time. "What I want?" he said in a incredulous fashion. "Well, what I want is to lick you slowly from top to bottom. I want to make you come over and over again." Buffy smiled. Yeah, he knew what she liked.

He found her clit and sucked it hard. Pulling it in his mouth and sucking it like it was a juicy, round cherry. Buffy bucked and hissed and gave herself over to the pleasure. As if a bomb exploded inside of her she raised her hips off the bed. Curving her back and knocking a couple of pillows on the floor. Blindly, she grabbed part of her sheet and stuffed it in her mouth. God, what he did to her. If her mother heard any of this she would surely have a heart attack. Desperate to scream her release she bit on the sheet trying , without much success, to keep quiet. Angel did nothing to help the situation, only going harder and faster the more she climaxed. Ringing every ounce of passion from her body. Buffy let out a few sharp high pitched noises combined with a few non-human sounds and intelligible words. "Oh hell yes Angel. Shit!, please, oh yesyesyesyesyes there, ohgoddon'tstop." Finally floating back down to earth, she quieted down. Looking nervously at her door she was thankful that her mom was a heavy sleeper and that her room was far from her mothers. "Was it that good?" Angel asked moving up her body, that sexy smirk on his face. Buffy just looked at him. She was still trying to get her breathing under control, she hadn't gotten around to remembering how to form words yet. Angel moved down her body again, kissing her hip and her stomach. Rolling her on her side he kissed the small of her back. It was a salty, sweet taste and he loved it. Buffy rolled all the way over on her stomach, actually glad to just lay still. Angel moved back up to her shoulders moving her hair out of the way. He kissed her shoulders and neck, tempted to bite there too. But he realized that people would see the marks and he didn't want to cause that kind of attention. Instead he moved down her muscular back. Kissing her soft muscles and moving back to his sexy spot. nipping and kissing. He kept going, kissing her lovely ass. Bitting at both cheeks but not breaking the skin. Buffy squirmed and giggled, tickled by his kisses. "Like that lover?" he whispered, using the word himself. Buffy closed her eyes, ready for whatever he dished out to her. "Yessss," she hissed feeling tiny electrical bolts running through her body. Suddenly Angel got off the bed. Buffy turned to see where he went but before she could roll all the way around he was back. "Wha--?" Her question wasn't finished before he shoved the pillows under her stomach. Buffy raised her body so he was able to do it. "Angel?" she called hesitantly. "Shhhh," he whispered in her ear. kissing it. "It will feel good, I promise." Buffy grabbed the one pillow that was left on the bed, suddenly her whole body going tense. She had dreamed of doing this with him. She had actually planned a way to tell him that she wanted to share this position with him. But they never got around to it. Especially since they were supposed to be staying from each other. Angel leaned down and kissed her raised bottom, lightly slapping her. Buffy wiggled, the motion very erotic. "Um don't we need something..f-for this?" Buffy questioned. Angel ran a finger down the crease of her behind. She was wet and slick. "I don't think so, you're lubed enough already." Buffy closed her eyes. She hoped so. She felt him spread her open, pushing her thighs apart. She was so vulnerable, so exposed. He has seen everything, Buffy thought. Every secret she had he now knows about. Her body was an open book at this point. She felt the tip of him at her tight, small opening. Swallowing repeatedly she tried to relax. "You're so beautiful. I can't wait to fill myself inside of you." Angel pushed himself forward. "Inside of you," he said, almost as an afterthought. He didn't even remember talking when he started to push himself in inside of her. She was so tight, so tight. Buffy instinctively tightened herself at his entry. "Don't..please...feels so good Buffy." Angel was shivering as he kept pushing. Buffy took a deep breath and relaxed herself. He did feel good. Stretching and filling her. He looked down and watched his rigid cock disappear inside of her puckered glistening hole. She was allowing him to enter her and he thought he was either going to get through this or faint trying. "God.." This was all he could get out as he filled her to the hilt. His balls resting against the lower part of her ass. He stilled for a moment. For himself but Buffy especially. He wanted her to get as accustomed to this intrusion. He waited as long as he could, but he had to start moving. "Buffy baby, ready?"he asked. Buffy groaned. "Yes Angel," she breathed. He gripped her hips holding her steady as he started to pull out. He watched himself slide out, then he watched himself slide back in. It was fucking incredible. He swore he heard her purring. He did it again, slowly. Pulling out and pushing himself back in. Buffy raised herself on her elbows, holding the edge of the sheet. "Oh god that feels good...yes, deeper." Angel couldn't believe his ears. He was moving slowly for fear of hurting her, but now she was giving orders. He pushed deeper hearing her throaty groan of pleasure. Buffy bit her bottom lip as he pulled out once again, the friction driving both of them crazy. "So tight," Angel hissed.

Closing his eyes he pulled out and plunged in deeper and harder. Hearing her directions and low sighs and grunts of pleasure he kept it up, knowing she was enjoying herself. Sure he wasn't hurting her he delved deeper and deeper, harder and faster until he was working in and out of at a blinding pace. Buffy bumped her chin on her bunched up comforter and the bed began a rhythmic motion. Buffy was pushed back and forward, her hair swinging, voice vibrating every time she said something during the act. Angel pushed her cheeks wider and squeezed with his thrusts. His balls slapping her thighs joined the slight squishy sound they made as their bodies joined. Angel was pushing into her in a frenzy. He couldn't get in deep inside enough. She was so tight, so hot, so wet. She just felt so fucking good. As Buffy squealed and tried to keep the noise to a minimum Angel felt the tension building. But he refused to come before Buffy. Leaning over her sweaty body he reached around and grabbed her breast. Pulling the tiny, tight nubs and rolling them in his finger and thumb. Buffy arched her back and gripped the sheets tighter. "Shit," she hissed, making Angel smile. "Come for me baby," Angel probed, pushing his lower body into hers like a jackhammer. His whispered words, with the plunging of his movements brought her to the edge. Her body shivered, she got a chill and didn't know where it came from. "I'm close.." she panted. "Angel grabbed her breast in his hand kneading hard and squeezing slowly. "Come on, I want to watch you. I want you to come long and hard." Buffy was absolutely certain about the latter. Her body was becoming tense fast and she felt every part of her body become over sensitized. She was so swollen, her clit engorged, just as her vaginal lips were. Everything was hot and wet and she wondered if she would come before she passed out.

Angel sat up as he gripped her hips again. He watched himself racket inside of her, his own orgasm filling his body with shudders. He slapped her bobbing bottom once, twice. Trying to increase her chances of coming before him. He wanted to see her now. The vibrations went straight to her ballooned folds. It felt wonderful. "Yesss!," Buffy let out before she even knew it. A mistake of her part because Angel know found out something else she liked. He squeezed her ass again before he gave her another slap there. Buffy jerked back, hissing her approval. Angel gave her another sharp slap to the same spot, watching as it started to become red. His aching balls reminding him of his impeding climax. "Come on baby," Angel encouraged. He sent another three short, and sharp series of blows to the same red spot on her round full ass. Each one causing her to raise her behind into the slap. Enjoying giving her this spanking and enjoying watching her enjoy it, he sent one more hard one there. This one did it as Buffy grabbed the only nearby thing on her bed to stuff in her mouth. She tried to squelch the cries of ecstasy but many cries and squeals escaped. As her body bucked and creamed Buffy grunted and yelped, the hard, sharp convulsions of her body almost painful. She milked Angel as her already tight hole gripped him like a steel vise. Unable to stand up to this kind of pressure Angel exploded right after her. Groaning and grunting and calling her over and over. "Oh! Yes, BuffyBuffyBuffy...Oh my god." He continued to come as did Buffy. She chomped on Mr. Gordo's ear as the orgasm continued to explode in her body. Another bolt of electricity shot through her as her body spasmed out of control.

Angel, finished spilling his seed inside of her glanced down at her. He pulled the pillows from under her and tossed them on the floor. He stayed connected to her body as he watched her lay flat on the bed, hair splayed over her neck. She was breathing out of control and her eyes were shut tight. Somehow he was still rock hard inside of her and remarkably still very much aroused. Call it Vampiric arousal. Call it animal stamina, whatever it was he still hadn't gotten enough of her. Buffy turned her head to the side, releasing Gordo form his torture. "Angel.." she murmured through panting breaths. Angel reached up and pulled hair from her long neck, caressing it's smoothness, reveling in it's texture. Buffy opened her eyes, looked over her shoulder at him. "Oh god Angel, that was amazing."

Silent Angle continued to move her hair out of the way. "Angel?" Buffy called, curious about the silence. She felt him twitch inside of her and was surprised herself to find him still hard. She squeezed her tightly, figuring that would get his attention. She was right. Unable to ignore that he let out a guttural groan. Deep. Low. Sensual. Animalist.

"Do you love me?" His voice broke through the silence. The question more of a question to Buffy.

"Do I love you?" she repeated. She looked up at him, he was changed, his game face on. "Angel!" Buffy screamed. Trying to get up. Angel held her down by her neck. He leaned down to whisper in her ear. "Shhh, it's okay. I love you. I'll never hurt you." The terrified tears that had sprung to her eyes clouded her vision. Her heart rate tripled. The haunting image from her dream was playing out right in front of her. But he was still Angel, still the Angel that she loved and that truly loved her. "Angel?" she called, his name broken on her shakey breathy.

"I want more of you, I need more of you," he told her. His voice slightly changed from his change. "What else do you need?" Buffy asked, the fear starting to subside. Without another word he lifted his head up and opened his mouth wide, baring sharp, deadly, terrifying fangs. Turning into his game face he sunk them into her neck, close to her shoulder, creating a pain that was both unbearable and also tremendously sexual. His thoughts earlier about not biting into her neck forgotten, ignored. Buffy gasped her returned fright and pain as he sucked harshly. His body to heavy for her to escape. But then again, she didn't really want to. The knowledge that he was still Angel kept her from turning into the Slayer. She closed her eyes tight throwing her other hand around and grabbing the back of his hair. "Ahh! Angel!," she cried, starting to feel faint. Angel greedily drank as he began to move inside her again. He thrust upward, once again fucking her. The two sensations were almost too much for Buffy, she was unable to move and in some sick way it was making her wet again, giving her an erotic thrill that she could only share with him. Angel began to pound in and out, pleasing her in the same fashion he did moments ago. He slowed his sucking, knowing in a few minutes she would be unconscious if he didn't stop, but it was so good. So lustful. So sinful.

He thrust hard and fast, bringing them both to a frantic climax where they came together. He continued to feed on her as she rode our her orgasm. When she finished he lifted his head. Her wounds small, but noticeable. Blood covered his mouth and teeth. It dripped down her neck and onto her bed. Buffy was unable to move. He changed back to his normal face; pulling out of her he rolled over and faced her on his side. Buffy put her hand to her neck, it was throbbing but didn't hurt as much. Being the Slayer she was going to begin to heal pretty fast. "I'm sorry..everything became too much, I couldn't control it," Angel confessed quietly. Buffy smiled. "I know. Don't worry, I can cover the marks with make-up." She assured him again that it wasn't too painful when she saw how guilty he looked. He kissed her hard and deep. Buffy rolled over on her side. Angel reached down and pulled the sheet up as he curled up behind her. He caressed her beneath the covers, occasionally reaching up and squeezing her breasts. "Oh please, I don't think I can go anymore," Buffy said sleepily. Angel smiled. He glanced at the clock 4: 34 am. If he was going to go home he had better do it now. He didn't want to leave her though, not after this. He looked at her, she was nearly asleep. "Buffy," he whispered. "I need to go. The sun will be up soon." Buffy looked sleepily over her shoulder at him. "I don't want you to. Lock the door and pull down the shades and pull the curtains so the sun won't get the bed. I want you to spend the night, Tomorrows Saturday so mom won't be coming to wake me up." Angel wasn't so sure. He really didn't want Joyce to find them in bed together, that was the last thing he needed. But the thought of holding Buffy all night and actually waking up with her in the morning over ruled everything. He did like she said with the curtains and shades and slipped back into bed. Buffy pulled his arm tighter around her, drifting back to sleep. So did Angel, especially since this was the time of day he slept anyway.

They both slept soundly. No more nightmares tonight.



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