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Laure Alexander
Claudia D. Christian
Kyra Crown

Marta Fernandez
Sare Liz Gordy
Sarah Heart
Margot Le Faye
Kim and Leigha
Kim MacKeller
Mistress Angel


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Do What You Have To Do

Angel realizes why he must leave Sunnydale.

Holy Tears

Sequel to "Do What You Have To Do". Buffy deals after Angel leaves. The second story of a trilogy.

Laure Alexander

Heart Hush

Three weeks after "Comparisons" and Alex Queirolo's wonderful "So Long So Wrong" Buffy's a wreck and Angel has to decide what to do about it. Does he want her to die? Spike helps him find an answer. (a spinoff of TEAOW&S)


Buffy gets Angel back for his actions in "Cat out of the bag..." This flows from a conversation in "Midnight at the Drive-in". (This is an interlude in Laure's ongoing "The Erotic Adventures of Willow and Spike" series.)

Shot in the Heart

Set right after Shot in the Dark 3, Buffy and Angel get a few things sorted out. (TEAOW&S)

The SIN WAGON Series

We Rarely Talk

Buffy meets Spike in an alley and has sex with him...but is there more to it than that? (NC-17; S/B)


Buffy wakes up naked, chained to Spike, being watched by her very angry boyfriend. (NC17; S/B/A, semi-nonconsensual, slash)


It's the morning after and Buffy wakes to find herself with both Angel and Spike. (NC17; S/B/A)


The menage a trois hits a bumpy patch as Spike treats Buffy too much like a vampire female, and Angel decides to teach him a lesson. (NC17, S/A/B, a bit of S/A)

The Altar

Buffy goes looking for her lovers and enters the world of vampire dominance and submission. (NC17, S/A/B, BDSM)


In "The Altar", Buffy lost a bet to Spike and is forced to place herself in his power for an afternoon. ( NC17, S/B, BDSM)

Another Trip to the Altar

Set sometime in the future but pre my version of The Iniative, Buffy takes matters into her own hands. (NC17, S/B/A, BDSM)

The Initiative

Sin Wagon gets a plot! Laure's version of "The Initiative". Spike gets captured by the commandos. (R, S/A/B, a bit of torture)

Feeding Frenzy

In answer to Saber's birthday challenge, just a little PWP. (NC17, S/B/A )

Swimming with the Fishes

A challenge was thrown out concerning "Go Fish". What if Angelus had rescued Buffy instead of Xander? What would he demand of her? (NC17, B/A(us))

V-Day Sucks

Buffy's lonely and moping on Valentine's Day, 1998 and runs into her insignificant other.

Willow Wants Us To Do What?

Set sometime in the distant future when Buffy and Angel have come to terms with their wacky relationship. Gee, let's try to guess what happens...Does the word, 'duh' mean anything? (a spinoff of TEAOW&S)


The Danger Of My Soul

Angel's POV in the season three finale.

The Danger Of My Heart

Sequel to "The Danger Of My Soul". Buffy's POV during the season three finale.

The Danger Of Love

The third and final part in the Danger series. Buffy and Angel finally say goodbye. Set in the future.

Meeting The Demon

Buffy gets up close and personal with Angelus.

Ashleigh, The Net Girl

The Trouble With Boys

Buffy and Angel get back together with some *special* help. (Contains sexual situations, references to torture and minor character death)


Another Choice

This is an alternate-ending to Becoming Part 2.


In the tradition of writing warped fics at the end of a depressing season finale of Buffy, a post "Graduation Day" ficlet.

Taking Precautions

Buffy and Angel find a way to have safe sex.


Ain't That Enough

Buffy goes to Los Angeles to confront Angel after her twenty-first birthday. She goes there with the intention of telling him off, but nothing ever goes as planned.


Angel is out of Hell but he and Buffy have unfinished business before they can have closure.

Comes The Son

Something went wrong with the plan to erase the day. Angel's POV on the past, present and future.


Riley is a demon. Only a demon can kill the breed that he is and Spike can't do it so they call on Angel. Angel comes and the little secret about what happened in Los Angeles comes to light.

I Will Love You In Death

Someone dies and with them goes a love that death can't even stop.

The Last One To Know

Buffy writes in her journal and goes over the events that occured in 'Sanctuary'.

One Big Circle

Buffy goes to Los Angeles to have something translated and runs into an old friend, announces something that shocks Angel, and it's kinda fun for a change.

One Day

Buffy goes to Los Angeles to see her dad, but he doesn't have time for her so she runs into Angel in a movie theater and they have a confrontation where they deal with their issues.

Shades of Shame

Buffy and Angel cross paths and she has to choose between Angel and Riley.

Silver Or Gold

Buffy sends Angel an e-mail. (Deals with suicide)

We Meet Again

Buffy and Angel meet again under unlikely circumstances, but they can't fight what's inside of them.

When You Come Back

Angel reflects on his life, both mortal and immortal and tries to hold out for the inevitable day that he can be with Buffy again.

Whenever I Remember

Buffy relects on her life. It's the loose companion to When You Come Back, and Buffy remembers the day that never was, but she doesn't tell Angel.



This story is an alternative take on the Buffy and Angelus relationship. It takes place a month after Angel's change.

Claudia D. Christian

The Wicked Seduction of a Vampire Slayer

An AU that begins some time roughly after "Surprise" and "Innocence" but where "Passion" does not take place. Angel never regains his soul and Angelus does not try to destroy the world...only Buffy and himself.

Kyra Crown


Sequel to "Games Were Meant For Two": Angelus pays Buffy back for her tryst in his bed

Dreams or Destiny?

Angel and Buffy met for the first time in Sunnydale...or did they?

The Other Side

Buffy's been battling and banging Angelus for months, what happens when Angel's back and remembers this?

TLC - The Bath

Buffy's tired, Angel rejuvenates her!

TLC II - Aromatherapy

Angel's hurt and Buffy tries her hand at healing him with some interesting results.

TLC III - Steam Heat

Angel follows Buffy into the shower and...


Never Stand Alone

Buffy and Angel split up, and he leaves, knowing that they can never be together. But Fate, aided by Whistler, has other plans for the lovers.

Time Will Tell

Buffy receives a proposition from a group of strangers that has the power to change her life forever.

To Summon Destiny

Buffy and Angel reunite for one consequence-free night.


Barely Breathing

Angel discovers he has a handy talent, despite the fact that he's now human.

Bringing Him Back

(B/A, B/S, A/S, B/A/S) - After the events of Reunion, Angel goes off the deep end and disappears. Only his Childe and the love of his life can save him from madness.


Futurish - Angel reflects on his feelings for Buffy.

Darkness, I Love

The Slayer finds her Darkness made flesh... and loves it.


Post 'To Shanshu in LA', Angel asks Buffy to join him for dinner. He has something he has to tell her. Sting songs ensue.

Feelin' Love

Buffy does a little dance for her Angel. *grin*


The first big battle of the End Days has just ended. The armies of Good rejoice in their initial victory, but not everyone is comfortable with the close quarters being warriors requires.... Smutty Fluff.

I'll Never Forget Again

Angel find out the details of how Parker treated his beloved Buffy, and he is not amused. He goes medieval on the loser, then goes to teach Buffy a lesson in love and self-esteem.


A Slayer... a vampire... a game of cat and mouse. You do the math. Not set in any particular time. CWC.

The Something Old Series

Miserable after Oz's departure, Willow casts a spell to have her will done. Predictably, it goes awry, having some interesting effects on Buffy and Angel. A wacky AU that twists the Jossverse completely after "Something Blue." Oh... and "AtS:Hero" never happened, either. *g*

Therapeutic Fluff

Season 4 Spoilers. Angel shows up at Buffy's dorm, driven by an encounter with Kate.


Watching and Waiting

This story is a prequel to "Waiting", and "Waiting, Too".


While Angel waits for a visit from Buffy, his thoughts turn to one of their more intimate moments.

Waiting, Too

Sequel to "Waiting".



Set a few years in the future. When Buffy needs help, there is only one man she runs to.

Comfortably Lonely

Buffy visits Angel, and they have a little talk.

One More Morning

Set during 'I Will Remember You', what happened that morning before Angel went to see the Oracles for the final time?

Sensory Perception

Elizabeth's version of a perfect world.


Dark Watcher, Sweet Lover

Buffy gets in her usual vamp trouble, Angel comes along, I think we all know what happens next, but read it anyway.


Come Into The Light

What if Angelus existed first for Buffy then he got his soul back and became Angel?

Sare Liz Gordy


All Men Are Beasts. That last little fighting scene? Buffy. Angel. Cargo pants without benefit of a shirt. Sweat. Blood. Tears. Manacles. Chains. Sexual Tension. Joss set it up quite yummily, and Sare finished it off.

The Beginning is the End is the Beginning

What if that scene in Innocence when Buffy first finds Angelus in his apartment had gone a bit differently?

The Christening

Buffy and Angel. Happily fucking. Multiple times.

The Christening: Reign Of The Shopaholic

A follow-up to "The Christening".

Hot Chocolate and Angels

Buffy's bloated, cramping, and very unhappy. Her honey makes her feel better.

One More Slayer

Angelus and Faith go back to the mansion to...celebrate. But Faith gets a surprise. And not the good kind.


Angel has his soul back for good, but he finds out that love only conquers most. It takes a little bit more for 'all'. Fortunately, he's up for the task.

A Ritual Cleansing

Angel and Buffy get rid of the ghost of Scott Hope once and for all.

Sacrificial Lamb

Angel. Buffy. That time of the month.

Rewards of Patience

A thankfully Joss-free version of Buffy and Angel's first time.


Buffy's Diary

Ever wonder what goes through our favorite Slayer's head as she processes all the amazing experiences she has? How she has felt about falling in love with and desiring Angel? Buffy's Diary helps to fill in the blanks after the episode ends. Each entry corresponds to one or more episodes. (LINK OVER TO HARPY'S SITE FOR THIS ONE.)

A Christmas Slaying

O Come All Ye B&A lovers who are fed up with the torturous whims of the Evil One: Joss Whedon. In this series Harpy gets into the holiday spirit with a sick & twisted take on A Christmas Carol, putting the man we all both love and hate in the Scrooge role. It is also a wonderful homage to many of the B&A erotic fanfic writers on the web. (LINK OVER TO HARPY'S SITE FOR THIS ONE.)

Common Enemy

This little spew is based on three gigantic impossible Ifs: What if Faith had succeeded in turning Angel back into Angelus? What if Giles had been betrayed by the Ninja-demon who was supposed to fake the spell on Angel? What if the scooby gang hadn't busted in? How would the mansion scene in the episode "Enemies" have gone down? (LINK OVER TO HARPY'S SITE FOR THIS ONE.)

Hell and Back Again

This series provides an alternate view of Angel's return from the demon dimension. It's cathartic/therapeutic fic for those of us traumatized by all the events from Becoming up to Beauty and the Beasts. (LINK OVER TO HARPY'S SITE FOR THIS ONE.)

Letters To Whistler

This series is set about 5 years after the current (as of season 3) BTVS timeline. Buffy and Angel have been apart for all these years living separate lives. Buffy comes across some letters that Angel left behind. (LINK OVER TO HARPY'S SITE FOR THIS ONE.)

Letters From Ireland

LFI is a sequel to Letters to Whistler. Buffy and Angel are going to try to be together once he arrives back in the US after a stay in Ireland. Since he's a vampire, the trip takes over a month. During the time while they wait to be reunited, Angel has arranged to send Buffy the letters that he has written to her while he was in Ireland. (LINK OVER TO HARPY'S SITE FOR THIS ONE.)

Letters From My Father

This series is set about twenty years after the events in the Letters to Whistler and Letters from Ireland universe. Through letters written by Angel we learn more about Buffy and Angel's three remarkable daughters Erinne, Ann and Joy as they all have a special place and duty in the fight against evil. Meanwhile, inbetween the letters Buffy and Angel are in trouble with another Big Bad Evil and find creative ways to fight back as they await help from their daughters.(LINK OVER TO HARPY'S SITE FOR THIS ONE.)

Your Cheating Heart

Buffy catches Angelus and Drusilla en flagrante delecto, and she runs off. Angelus catches her, and sex ensues. (LINK OVER TO HARPY'S SITE FOR THIS ONE.)

Your Cheating Heart Again

Sequel to Your Cheating Heart. Drusilla is jealous, and sets out to capture the Slayer. Angelus finds out and hunts them down. (LINK OVER TO HARPY'S SITE FOR THIS ONE.)

Sarah Heart

Custom Built Comfort

Sequel to Lex's "Comfort Food". Buffy convinces Angel to help her with a little *project*.



Buffy remembers the night she lost both her innocence and her lover.


Sequel to "Remembrance", from Angelus' point of view.

Feelin' Love

Post-Bad Eggs but pre-S/I Buffy/Angel sex-mind candy, to the tune of the Paula Cole song.



A little Buffy/Angel PWP.

The Games We Play

Angel starts a game with Buffy and he isn't prepared for the consequences. They're nekkid and up to sumpthin'.

Bell, Book And Angel

Continuation of The Games We Play. They're nekkid and up to sumpthin', AGAIN! Another plotless wonder. The best kind. B/A PWP, a little blood play, and a surprise...


B/A PWP, set immediately after Bell, Book, and Angel. Buffy is a little frustrated...to say the least!

Clothing Optional

Continuation of The Games We Play, Bell, Book and Angel, and Interlude. Another plotless wonder. It's Saturday night of a Joyce free weekend, and Buffy wants to party. Features the Bronze, a bet, and lots of caffeine.

You Don't Know When To Quit

Continuation of Games We Play series, set after Clothing Optional; its Sunday!

Margot Le Faye


Buffy and Angel face the End of Days...But they must revisit the past to have a future. (LINK OVER TO MARGOT'S SITE FOR THIS ONE.)

Bitter Passion

What happened the night Angelus visited Buffy and left that drawing? (LINK OVER TO MARGOT'S SITE FOR THIS ONE.)

Crossed Lines

Something is planting seeds of anger on B/A .. can they overcome it? (LINK OVER TO MARGOT'S SITE FOR THIS ONE.)

Dance Solo

Angelus catches up with Buffy at the Bronze. (LINK OVER TO MARGOT'S SITE FOR THIS ONE.)


Margot's verson of what happened when Angel became human. (LINK OVER TO MARGOT'S SITE FOR THIS ONE.)

...On The Highway Of...

Post-Becoming. Buffy and Spike need each other to heal their wounds, but Angel is never far away. (LINK OVER TO MARGOT'S SITE FOR THIS ONE.)

Sensual Sensitivity

What would've happen if Angelus had touched the 'talking stick' from Sense and Sensistivity? (LINK OVER TO MARGOT'S SITE FOR THIS ONE.)

Silken Cage: Capture

Angelus has returned, and he's out for revenge .. in a most delectable way. (LINK OVER TO MARGOT'S SITE FOR THIS ONE.)

Silken Cage: Journey

Angelus has taken Buffy far away from home...and their journey has just begun.(LINK OVER TO MARGOT'S SITE FOR THIS ONE.)

Stone Steps


Tale of Light and Dark

Margot's version of what will happen when Angel gets his humanity back. (LINK OVER TO MARGOT'S SITE FOR THIS ONE.)


All Wet

This is PicFic, inspired by the David Boreanaz naked bathtub picture. A Season 4 PWP with three different endings.

The "Come Tomorrow" Series

Come Tomorrow

Angel knows he has to leave Sunnydale, but he spends one last night in the arms of his beloved.

Torn Apart

Angel's gone for good. Giles and Faith find out just how badly Buffy takes it.

Long Way Down: The Beginning

Buffy finds out just how long it takes for her to hit bottom. Meanwhile, Angel works on his own way down.

Comfort Food

Badfic. Buffy reacts a little differently to Angel's departure than he had expected.

Demon In My Bed

Angelus pays Buffy a visit and gets more than either of them bargained for.

Demon On My Mind

Sequel to "Demon In My Bed". Buffy meets up with Angelus in an alley, and the tables turn.

Demon: Unbidden

Sequel to "Demon On My Mind". Set post-Passion, Buffy is staying at Giles' house, doing the whole suicide watch thing, afraid that Giles is going to hurt himself. The thing is, in all the confusion after Jenny's murder, they never got around to performing the anti-invitation spell on his house. And you know what that means...

The Epitome of Evilfic

Buffy gets a little help in defeating Angelus from Ralph, the UCShippers' Mascot. And Massengil. And the Vatican.

The First Taste

This is a first person POV of the "missing scene" from "Surprise". Buffy gets to tell her side of events. (Buffy/Angel)

Flesh and Blood

There is an unforseen consequence of The Day That Wasn't, told from Buffy's POV.

Let That Be A Lesson

Buffy. Angel. Spike. Smoochies. Xander humiliation. In short, most of the good things in life. Answers Zorya's challenge.

The Most Basic Instinct

A potential scene from "Beauty and the Beast" (or whatever the name of that ep is)...where Angel realizes whom he's attacking, and what he wants to do with her once he gets her pinned to the ground...

The Most Basic Instinct 2: Want. Take. Have.

A sort-of sequel to TMBI. This time 'round, CaveSlayer finds *her* mate.

A Need More Powerful

Angel's back from Hell, but he's so weak and he's not getting any better. Buffy does what she has to do.

Never Again

SEASON FOUR SPOILERS. Without giving away too much of the plot, Buffy's new boyfriend encounters Angel's dark side.


Buffy and Angel meet up again a few years after graduation, and renew old promises. In a really physical way.

Revisionist History III - A Woman's Remorse

Post "Homecoming". I'm fixing Joss' stupidity. Again. Angel reacts to Buffy dropping the bomb.

Revisionist History VI - Blood and Bone

Post-"Lovers Walk". Do we really think Angel would have let her just walk away from him? From *them*? <snicker> No way. And remember, he's been re-invited into her house...

Revisionist History X - The Claiming

Post "Bad Girls". Buffy's dark side emerges and claims its mate.

Revisionist History XI - It'll Only Take A Minute

Post "Dopplegangland". When Willow screams for help in the Bronze, Buffy and Angel take a little while to show. Just what were they doing in that alley?

Revisionist History XII - Unfinished Business

Post "Enemies". Buffy whomps Faith, then proves to Angel that she will always be his.

Revisionist History XIV - Post-Prom Fallout

Post "The Prom". What happens after the prom is over?

The Seduction

Badfic. Buffy comes home from patrolling to find a seduction scene waiting for her. Answers Tamara's challenge.


Angel loves Buffy. Faith loves Buffy. They learn to share.

Unholy Water

A post-Phases look at Buffy and Angelus' relationship. With sex, of course. ;->



B/A plotlessness. Obviously after S/I but before Passion because Angelus still has Cart Blanche into Buffy's house.



This is an Angelus/Angel POV about Buffy and the chains that bind them together.

Bound By Obsession

Buffy POV before Becoming. Companion piece to "Chains".

Kim MacKeller and Leigha Whitfield

Passion Bites

An alternate version of the episode "Passion".

Kim MacKeller

Changing the Past

Sequel to "Passion Bites".

What a Revelation

Sequel to "Changing the Past". Buffy tells the gang about her changed relationship with Angelus.

Mistress Angel

All Tied Up

Mistress Angel's take on "When She Was Bad".

Deep Inside

After "Amends", Angel finds he can't stay away from his Slayer.

Don't Let the Demon Bite 'Cha

Angelus sneaks into Buffy's house one evening with morbid sexual plans, Buffy has plans of her own. One wins, One doesn't. (A follow up to 'Wicked Game')


This story is the author's take on the missing scene in "Surprise" It takes off where they were about to make love, but of course the scene was cut.

Sinking Into Ecstasy

Buffy's having a lonely night until Angel pays her a visit. Their first time heats fairly quickly.

Sinking Into Ecstasy II - Afterglow

Buffy goes to see Angel the day after, they do a little dance make a little love and basically get down tonight.

Sinking Into Ecstasy III - Erotic

The day after the day after.

Sinking Into Ecstasy IV - Without Limits

Buffy and Angel continue their weekend sex romp.

Sinking Into Ecstasy V - Peach

Angel and Buffy continue their sex-filled night into the shower, where Buffy decides it's her turn to take over things.

Sleepless in Sunnydale

Angel watches Buffy from her window. But what does he see?

Wicked Game

Buffy is stuck between a rock and a hard place when dealing with Angelus.


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