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This is an archive devoted to ADULT Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series fan fiction focusing on the relationship between Buffy and Angel.

This is an entirely NC-17 site. Translated for those of you who are unclear on the concept, this means you have to be a legal adult (18 in the United States; ages may vary internationally) to read any of the stories listed here. If you're not, then you have to go away. You can come back to read the smutty fic when you are of age, and your mother will no longer come after us for corrupting her child.

If you are underage, and you do enter the archive, we will know. Don't ask how. It's a secret involving old gypsy magick. And we will make you sorry -- we'll send Principal Snyder over to your house to torment you until you finally grow up. So there.

You have been warned.


No, I'm underage. I'll go away now.

Yes, I'm an adult. I'm already corrupted. Lemme in!!!


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